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Leather changes color over time

Siehe wie die Farbe des Leders sich mit der Zeit ändert

STUDY: See how the color of leather changes over time

We are often asked questions about the colors of our leather and our customers often have doubts about the color choice. It is very difficult to correctly represent the colors in images and it is also difficult to explain and understand how some colors change over time and other colors almost do not change. We have therefore put together this article in which we try to illustrate how leather develops over time.

Leather changes color when exposed to sunlight

Knowing that some leather colors change when exposed to sunlight, we ran an experiment. We placed some leather pieces in the windowsill where they would be exposed to sunlight daily. At byRavn we have leather in 6 different colors - here is how leather changes color when exposed to sunlight.

Hos by Ravn har vi læder i 6 forskellige farver - her ses hvordan læderet ændre farver når det udsættes for sollys

The photo above shows which leather colors we tested. The leather piece on the left shows the color of the leather and the remaining leather pieces show how many days each piece has been exposed to sunlight.

Our experiment shows that the light leather (natural) in particular changes color over time. This is due to the fact that the light colored leather is untreated and therefore takes on color when exposed to the sun - just like you and I get tanned by the sun when we are in the sun. The other leather colors hardly change because they are treated/dyed and the color therefore holds up better.

The photo below shows how the light leather (natural) changes color. After 30 days in the windowsill, the color of the light-colored leather is almost the same as that of the cognac-colored leather.

See how the color of the leather changes over time

A color change of the leather is due to several factors

Not only the sunlight influences the color of the leather. Light-colored leather in particular also changes color when exposed to grease and touch.

The photo below shows two key fobs, one is brand new and the other has been used for about a year. Both key fobs were made of light-colored leather. The used keychain has developed a nice warm and dark color from exposure to sunlight, grease and touch.

We find it extremely charming that the light-colored leather in particular changes color over time and that you yourself contribute to the key fob getting a nice patina.

Of course, we also think the key fob is beautiful when it's brand new - but it only gets more beautiful as it develops a patina over time. If you want to buy your own keychain, you can find all our leather keychains on this page.

Lyst kernelæder ændre farve med tiden - her ses en ny og en brugt nøglering - begge i lyst kernelæder - byRavn


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