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Leather handles

Spice up your kitchen with handmade leather handles

Leather handles can spice up your kitchen, dresser or newly painted closet. Leather is a beautiful material that fits well into the Scandinavian style of living, where simple and natural furnishings are becoming increasingly popular.

Leather handles in all sizes

We make our handles in standard sizes. However, if these do not fit your piece of furniture, we are happy to produce handles that meet your wishes and dimensions. To make these handles in special measurement  we need the thickness of the cabinet door and the distance between the holes. If you want to measure the distance between holes, please measure from center to center of the two holes.

If you have any questions about which size to choose please contact us by phone or email.

If you have problems installing the handles, read our DIY guide, which describes how to assemble the handles.

Redesign your kitchen - with us you will find leather handles for cupboards, doors and drawers

Our leather handles are often used to redesign the kitchen by replacing old kitchen handles with leather handles. If the kitchen cabinet doors are painted and the handles are replaced, the kitchen can be spruced up quite cheaply. We offer two different handles that are suitable for kitchen handles. Our M1-handle, which is mounted with one screw, and our M2-handle, which is mounted with 2 screws. If you want to mount our handles on old cabinet doors where 2 holes are already drilled, our M2-handle usually fits. Our M2-handle is available in six sizes - the most common - and is suitable for cabinet doors where the distance between the 2 holes is 6.4, 9.6, 12.8, 16.0, 19.2 and 22.4 cm respectively. If the standard handles do not fit, we also make handles in special sizes - according to your wishes and dimensions.

Leather handles for kitchen cabinet doors and drawers

Our leather handles have a simple and modern look and at the same time they work perfectly as handles for opening and closing cabinets and drawers. If you are thinking about replacing your old kitchen handles, we are available with new leather handles - which can be made to your exact measurements.

In addition to redesigning kitchen cabinets and drawers, our leather handles are also suitable for the other rooms in the home. For example, if you bought an old house with beautiful old cabinets, doors and dressers, but the existing door and drawer handles are worn out, these can easily be replaced with new leather handles.

When restoring old furniture, it can be difficult to find matching handles and knobs. At byRavn we can custom-make the leather handles to fit your furniture exactly. This makes it easy to find new handles for old cabinets with handles that do not meet standard dimensions.

Child-friendly leather handles

If there are small children in the house, normal handles at head height can cause dents and scratches. If leather handles are installed on the cabinets, children won't hurt themselves if they run into the handle.

More about the leather

The handles are made from strong, bare leather. The leather is 2.5-3.0 mm thick and this ensures that the handles can withstand heavy wear and tear. When developing our handles, we made sure that the handles not only looked good in the home furnishings, but were also functional and robust. For this reason, the handles are made of strong leather and are suitable for installation in kitchens, where the handles in particular are exposed to heavy wear. This is partly because kitchen cabinets and drawers are opened and closed many times a day, and partly because handles mounted on refrigerators and dishwashers are exposed to particularly high levels of stress. With our handles made of strong leather, you can safely replace the old steel handles with leather handles - without worrying about whether the leather handles can withstand the high load.

Choose the right color for your leather handles

Our handles are available in the following four colors: natural, black, cognac and dark brown. When choosing a color, it is important to be informed about how the leather changes over time. The light color “natural” in particular changes over time and patinas. The black, cognac and dark brown leather is dyed, whereas the "natural" leather has not been treated and is therefore very sensitive to touch, grease and sunlight - all of which contribute to the leather developing a beautiful, warm patina. We did a study on this topic, which is described in this article. Here we show how light leather in particular changes over time, while the other colors are more colorfast.

6 different screws for mounting leather handles

If you order leather handles from us, you must also comment on which screws should be used to mount the handles. The screws are available in the following colors: brass, steel and black and each color comes in 2 different models. We have a high screw and a low screw. It is difficult to explain the difference between a high screw and a low screw, but we have tried to illustrate the difference in the photo archive under each individual handle. Generally speaking, the difference is only cosmetic. The low screw sits close to the leather, while the high one sticks out further. It's just a matter of taste whether you prefer one screw to the other.

All of our screws are suitable for standard dimensions. In order to mount the screws, holes with a diameter of 5 mm must be pre-drilled. If holes have already been drilled but are too small, you can easily enlarge the holes to 5 mm with a drill.

Provide exact measurements regarding the thickness of the cabinet doors

When ordering the leather handles, the thickness of the cabinet door or drawer where the handle is to be mounted must be specified. It is important that exact dimensions are given (+/- 1-2 mm). We supply screws that fit your piece of furniture exactly. This ensures that you get screws that don't stick out on the back. Properly sized screws ensure an assembly that looks professional on both the front and back. At the same time, this prevents a screw from sticking out on the back that could get stuck or scratched.

Mounting on the wall

As standard, we supply screws (in technical terms these are bolts that cannot be screwed into a wall) with which the handles can be mounted on cupboards and drawers. If you would like to mount your leather handle on the wall or another very thick object (over 5 cm), we will be happy to send thread-cutting screws and dowels instead of our standard screws. In the field where we ask for the thickness of the cabinet door, please indicate that the handle is to be mounted on a wall. When we receive this notification, we will automatically send screws suitable for wall mounting.

The leather handles are made in our own workshop

We manufacture the leather handles and our other products in our own workshop. 
All of our products are manufactured with great care.

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