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About byRavn

byRavn was founded in 2013 with a vision to create something we couldn't find in any store. The starting point for most of our products was often that we ourselves lacked a nice shelf, a headphone holder or a simple and durable belt.

The hallmark of our products is a simple and timeless design with a long service life. Our products are made from full grain leather that comes from cattle raised in the Denmark and Sweden. Every single piece of leather is unique and therefore has scars and wrinkles. This alone is a reminder that the leather comes from a living cow that has lived a good life. When you receive your goods and put them to use, you will see the leather gradually change. It develops a beautiful patina over time, giving the product more charm and magic.

We manufacture the vast majority of our products in our own workshop, while the products that are sewn (eg the credit card holder) are made by a Swedish owned sewing company in India.

We believe in unique and customized products. That's why we give you the opportunity to design and personalize your product to make it unique and perfect for you.

Tenna and Peter, founders of byRavn


Sustainability is of great importance to us and has a high priority in our company. We are therefore very grateful that we have the opportunity to work with leather, which we believe is a sustainable material. Leather products have a long service life and are hard-wearing. Furthermore, leather only gets nicer with use - and quite a good side benefit.

Sustainability at byRavn

1. The vast majority of our products are designed and manufactured in our own workshop. A few products are sewn by a Swedish owned sewing shop in India. We do our absolute best to use all of the leather to avoid wasting any material. We source our leather from Italy - and mostly in bulk to limit shipping.

2. We ensure that the leather is not treated with harmful substances. The cow's skin is tanned before we receive it. A number of different substances and chemicals can be used to treat leather, some of which can be harmful and carcinogenic. In Europe, REACH, a European standard in the field of chemical regulation, applies. If you produce leather or trade in leather, you have to ensure that the REACH regulation is complied with. We have therefore ensured that our supplier complies with the REACH regulation and therefore does not use chromium (VI) or harmful azo dyes to treat the leather. Two different methods are typically used to tan leather: chrome tanning or vegetable tanning. We only use leather that has been vegetable tanned. This method is clearly less harmful to the environment, the climate and you.

3. The cattle skin is a residual product. It would simply be too expensive to raise cattle just for their skin.

4. When we dispatch your order, we use as little packaging as possible - but enough to ensure your goods are not damaged in transit. We do not print delivery notes, consignment notes or invoices - you will receive the latter by email.

5. With us you get products of high quality. We use strong bare leather, create identical products with your text embossed in the center and with a beautiful finish with rounded edges and corners. It is better to buy high quality products than to change a product after a short period of time.

6. We try to constantly keep an eye on how we can make our operations even more sustainable.

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