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Leather dog collars with name

Dog collars and dog leashes with names

We offer the quality-conscious dog owner who attaches great importance to sustainability and good quality a range of products - such as dog leads and leather dog collars. On this page we have put together all the dog products that we have in our product range.

Dog collars and dog leashes made of beautiful bright leather

All products are made from strong, vegetable tanned leather. We have also used the best metal parts on all the products in the dog collection, i.e. the metal parts are either made of solid brass or stainless steel. Metal parts are therefore used that are extremely durable and there is no risk of the surface peeling off.

Dog products made from a beautiful and organic material

You will experience that the dog collar and dog leash develop a beautiful patina over time. Light leather in particular will change color over time. Sunlight, grease, water and touch are some of the factors that give light leather a darker color over time. If the products get wet, the leather can become stiff. We therefore recommend taking care not to expose the leather to too much water - remove the products before bathing the dog. If the products have been exposed to too much water and have become stiff, they can be softened again with leather grease. It does happen that products will expand over time and use - the leather is more likely to expand when exposed to water.

Leather dog collars and dog leashes with name

The hallmark of our products is the fact that the products can largely be made to measure. This also applies to our dog products, where leather and metal parts can be combined as desired. The dog products can of course also be provided with a personal text, for example the dog's name, address, telephone number, etc. If you would like to personalize your product with your own text, the letters of the Danish alphabet, numbers and a long series of symbols are available for optional.

We can emboss the following:

  • The letters from A-Å as well as Ö, Ä, Ü, Á, É, ß and Ó
  • The numbers from 0-9
  • Special characters: ' # " . , - + = & @ § $ ? ! / ( )°
  • Over 80 different symbols

Sustainable leather dog collars

When you buy your dog collar from byRavn, you get a good quality dog collar that will last for many years. Our dog products are made from strong, vegetable-tanned bare leather, which - in addition to its long durability - becomes more beautiful over time, in time with the leather patinating. All our products are made from leather that meets REACH requirements. The hallmark of leather that meets the requirements of REACH is that the leather has been processed without the use of harmful or carcinogenic substances. In addition to the leather, the products consist of various hardware, such as buckles, rivets, etc. All of these products are made of either solid brass or stainless steel. What characterizes these metals is that they are extremely durable and at the same time the surface does not crackle or peel.

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