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Place cards

Leather place cards

A leather place card is not just an ordinary place card - it is also a key ring that reminds you and your guests of a wonderful celebration.

If you would like the keyhanger to have a personal text attached to it - e.g. a date, a small saying, this is also possible. We are ready to make your place cards exactly the way you want them.

We make place cards with names for weddings, confirmations, birthdays, Christmas dinners, New Year's Eve celebrations - or exactly the party you are celebrating.

We receive very positive feedback regarding our personal place cards, which are a fun and good alternative to traditional place cards. Our customers report that the place cards are a good “icebreaker” when guests meet at the table. And what's more, guests will be happy to receive a personal and usable gift that they can take home with them after the celebration.

Leather place cards - a beautiful and personal gift for guests

With our place cards, guests receive a beautiful key ring that they can take home as a souvenir of a wonderful celebration.

It is becoming increasingly popular for guests to receive a small gift from the bride and groom. With a leather key hanger you have both a place card that will be used on the day of the celebration and you also have a gift for your guests. The key ring is a personal gift that the guest can use immediately after the celebration and is a reminder of a beautiful celebration.

About the place cards

The place cards are made from Italian blank leather and we can emboss exactly the text you want on the place card.

The place cards are available in six different colors (natural, black, cognac, dark brown, blue and red). There are also three different key rings/eyelets to choose from (antique brass, brass/"golden" and steel/"silver"). It is therefore possible to design the place cards exactly so that they suit your celebration.

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