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Leather key rings with name and personal embossing

Leather key rings - we emboss name and text on the leather key rings

We offer a wide range of leather key rings. You can order a leather key ring with or without a personal name or text. We have many different leather key rings. Maybe you like a small key hanger that doesn't take up so much space in your bunch of keys? Or a slightly larger key ring that can have text embossed on both the front and back? Or maybe you want a lanyard that you can wear around your neck or easily find in a large bag?

Here on the page you will find information about

  • Our various leather key rings
  • How to choose your personal embossing
  • What we can emboss and inspiration for personal embossings
  • The different colors
  • Where and how the key rings are made
  • Manufacturing and delivery time


Leather key ring for every occasion - introduction to our models

At byRavn we have a wide range of leather key rings that are perfect for both women and men. With our versatile selection of leather key rings, we can offer models that meet every need and desire - both in terms of design and functionality.

Below you will find a more detailed description of each model.

TX10-key ring - Our most popular keyring

Our first and most popular key ring in a very simple and classic design that most people like. This key ring fits both women and men and is therefore a perfect gift idea for (almost) any occasion. The TX10 key ring is one of our TX key rings. Our TX key rings each have the same finish and shape, only the length varies. The TX10 key ring is the smallest and is ideal for your pocket, purse or wherever else you keep your keys.

Find out more about our TX10 keychain here

Below you can see an image of our popular TX10 key ring.

Nøglering i læder med navn

TX20-key ring - space for an extra long embossing

A leather key ring with space for a fairly long embossing. On our TX20-key ring we often emboss "THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD", "THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD"" or whoever else is THE BEST. Since there is approximately twice as much space on the TX20 key ring as the TX10 key ring, you can emboss text that is a little more personal. The TX20 key ring is a size that fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag.

Find out more about our TX20 key ring

TX30-Lanyard - Simply hang around your neck

Our largest keychain, which is actually a lanyard. Our TX30-lanyard can be worn around your neck. More text can be embossed on this model than on the other two TX key rings. Aside from being worn around your neck, the TX30-lanyard also fits perfectly into large bags where keys would otherwise easily get lost. If the keys are attached to the lanyard, you can easily find them when you put your hand in your pocket - thus avoiding the uneasy feeling you get when you can't find your keys.

Find out more about our TX30-lanyard 

MR10-Keychain - Masculine keychain with carabiner

The MR10-keychain is reminiscent of our TX10-key ring, but with a more masculine expression. The MR10-keychain is slightly wider and also has a carabiner. The carabiner makes it easy to attach the keys to a belt loop, bag, etc. The carabiner also makes it easier to change the keys in the key ring.

Find out more about our MR10-keychain here

MR20-Keychain - Strong keychain with space for a long text

This keychain is one size larger than the MR10-keychain and offers extra text space for embossing. The MR20-keychain is also a strong and masculine keychain that is particularly aimed at the male audience.

Find out more about our MR20-keyring

Leather key hanger - Small and discreet key ring

The leather key hanger is our smallest key ring. This leather key ring is very space-saving and can be embossed with a short personal text at the same time. This pendant is particularly suitable for keys for the mailbox, shed, boat, bicycle, etc. With this leather key hanger you will never lose your most important keys again.

Read more about our key hangers here

Heart-shaped keyring - Full of Love

Our heart-shaped keychain radiates love and romance. We often emboss “MAMA”, “MUM”, “MOTHER” or generally girls’ names on this model. The heart keychain is a popular gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or as a gift in general.

Find out more about our heart-shaped key ring here

LX1-key ring - space for an extra long text

There is space for a little more text on our LX-key ring and therefore a longer and more personal text can be specified here. Here, for example, kind words that identify the recipient or the coordinates of a special place that is of great importance to the recipient and giver of the gift can be embossed, e.g. the place of the wedding, the first meeting or the first apartment together.

Learn more about our LX1-key ring here

Key case - no more scratches from keys

With our key case you get a small key bag in which the keys are well "packaged". This protects the surfaces of other items that are stored with the keys, such as your smartphone or jewelry.

Find out more about our key case here

What can be embossed on the leather key ring?

If you would like to have a personal text or a name embossed on our leather key rings, we can emboss all letters of the alphabet as well as umlauts. We can also emboss numbers, a series of special characters and a long series of symbols. Our letters, characters and symbols are 7mm high and all letters are block letters.

A keychain with a personal embossing or name - instructions

If personal embossing is selected on the keychain when placing the order (either on the front or on both front and back), a new field will appear where either "Text on the Front" or "Text on the Back" is selected. A keyboard then appears where the desired letters, numbers or symbols can be entered. Finally, select “OK” and the text you entered will appear in the box. Each leather key ring fits a limited number of characters. An example is our TX10-key ring where there is room for around 10 characters. Since the characters are of different widths, for example an "M" is wider than an "I", the maximum number of characters varies depending on the text. When you enter text on our website, you can see whether your desired text fits on the key ring or not and, if necessary, try out different alternatives and see which embossing you like best. If you want to emboss a longer text, consider the following key rings: TX20, TX30 and LX1.

Popular texts on leather key rings

Our leather key rings are increasingly being used as hostess gifts and as gifts for new parents, where "MOM" and "DAD" are embossed on the key ring. The key rings are also popular for men/fathers, where the text "DAD/DADDY" is often embossed along with a heart. If the key ring is intended for a person you like, the text "YOU AND I", "I ❤️ YOU", "SUPERHERO" or "MY LOVE" is often embossed. Only your imagination sets limits here.

Popular symbols on your leather key ring

There are more than 80 different symbols to choose from and sometimes it is not easy to find the right symbol for your exact key ring. However, the most popular symbols are the heart, the stick figure family and the infinity sign. When we make keychains for the mailbox, shed and boat, many choose, for example, "LETTER" along with a letter symbol and also the rest along with a lawnmower symbol or a boat symbol. If the keychain is intended for a person you like, many people choose stick figure figures paired with a heart. 

We use the following leather

We use genuine bare leather that comes from cows. The leather is tanned in Italy and then sent to our workshop, where we further process the leather and make the various products from it. Leather is actually a by-product of slaughtered cattle and is therefore a sustainable material, also because leather products have a very long lifespan.
The leather we use for keychains is 2.0-2.5mm thick. In our opinion, this is the optimal thickness that gives the key ring a certain weight.

Nøglering i læder med smuk patina

Color choice

All of our keychains are available in our 6 standard colors: natural, black, cognac, dark brown, blue and red.

The natural colored leather appears light in the pictures, just as it looks when you receive the key ring. However, the light bare leather in particular will change color quite quickly and take on a beautiful and warm tone. Over time it will take on a cognac color. In this blog post we have tried to explain how the colors of leather change over time. In the picture below we show an example that shows how the color of the "natural" leather changes over time. The top keychain is brand new while the bottom keychain has developed a beautiful patina. Looking at the photo, it's hard to believe that the bottom keychain was once the same bright color as the top one.

The keychain is made by hand

We make the keychains in our own workshop. Our products are made by hand which means that no two products are hundred percent alike. The appearance of embossed leather keychains may vary as we emboss by hand. We do our best to emboss the desired text evenly - however, the depth of the embossing may vary and the embossing may look different on the leather - depending on the color of the leather being embossed on. Since all key rings are made by hand, it is also possible for us to sort out leather that does not meet our quality requirements. For example, we sort out leather that has color defects or that has “man-made” scratches and cracks. Leather with stretch marks or insect bites visible on cow skin will not be rejected. We believe that these irregularities give leather products their character and make the product unique.

All our products are made with great care ❤️

Production and delivery time for leather keychains

If we receive your order before 12 p.m., we will send the key ring the same day (even if a personal text needs to be embossed).

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