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Interior for the home

At byRavn we are constantly developing leather interior products. Here on the site you will find, among other things, our popular leather straps for clothes rails, a relatively new product that has been very well received. In addition to the leather straps for clothes rails, we also have leather handles, coasters/beer mats, desk mats and mouse pads in our range.

Leather coaster/beer mat, desk pad and mouse pad

In the interior-category you will find coasters, desk pads and mouse pads. Leather has a special warmth and charm - this contributes to creating “Hygge” (Danish cosiness) at the table.

Our coasters/beer mats, desk mats and mouse pads are available in the colors natural, black, cognac, dark brown, blue and red - and of course you can emboss a personal text on all the products.

Both the coaster and the desk pad are made of strong bare leather with a thickness of approximately 2.5 mm. The light leather in particular quickly develops a very beautiful patina. Since the light leather is not dyed, unlike the black, the light leather is more receptive to grease, touch and sunlight - all factors that affect the color of the leather and give the leather a warm shine over time. In this article we have described how leather changes color over time.

Leather straps for clothes rails

Here on this page you will find our leather straps for clothes rails. We adjust the straps according to your wishes so that they fit exactly to the rod you want to have hung. The length of the straps can also be adjusted to your wishes.

The straps are 3 cm - 4 cm wide and available in four colors: natural, black, cognac and dark brown. There is a hole at the end of the straps so that the leather straps can easily be mounted on a hook. Hooks and dowels for mounting on the ceiling are included.


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