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How to order a product with a personal text at byRavn

In this guide we show you how to order a TX10 keychain, our most popular product. However, the instructions can also be used if you order one of our other products.

When you order a keychain or one of our accessories, you participate to a large extent in the design of the product. Before the product is placed in the shopping cart, you must comment on the following 3 points:

  1. Color of the leather
  2. Color of the metal (rivet/key ring)
  3. Embossing of the text on the product

1. Choice of color of leather

Most of our products are made in 6 different colors of leather. In the photo below you can see the colors in which the products are made (from left to right: natural, cognac, black, dark brown, dark blue and red). When choosing a colour, you must bear in mind that it can be difficult to reproduce the color 100% correctly on photos and that the color nuances of the leather can also vary slightly when we receive a new shipment from the tannery.

Nøgleringe i vores seks forskellige farver If you choose a product in the color "natural", then please note that this color - in contrast to the other colors - will change significantly in rhythm with the use of the product. The surface of light-colored leather in the color "nature" is open, which means that leather of this color easily absorbs sunlight, touch, etc., which over time leads to the leather acquiring a beautiful patina. The photo below illustrates how 'natural' leather changes color when exposed to sunlight. Each piece of leather shows how many days the piece of leather was exposed to the sun, so you can follow the development of the color nuances.

2. Choice of metal color

When ordering most of our products you can choose between the following 3 colors of metal:
  • Antique brass (this color is dark)
  • Steel (this color is silver like silver)
  • Brass (this color is golden like gold or brass)

The products are nickel-free.

    Colors on metal: dirty brass, steel (solid) and brass (golden) 3. Choice of embossing a text on the product

    If you order a TX10 key fob, you must state whether you want a key fob

    • Without embossing
    • With embossing on the front
    • With embossing on both front and back

    want to order.

    If you would like a key fob with an embossed front, the text will be embossed on the side where our logo is located.

    If you would like embossing on both the front and back, the text will be embossed as shown in the photo below. On both the front and back, the text starts at the rivet and moves towards the arc, as the text then turns correctly when the key fob is turned horizontally. We feel it is most natural to turn the fob this way when the keys are in place.

    When we emboss the text we want, we center the text on the key fob so the text will stand out nicely as shown in the photos.

    Nøglering with tryk on for- and bagsiden

    If you want to have a text embossed on the keychain, then enter the desired text using the keyboard that appears on the screen, as shown in the photo below.

    • When entering text, there is a limit to how much text there is on the various products. When there is no more text to fit on the product, the letters will turn gray - as shown in the photo below. In the example below, so much text has been entered that none of the wide letters will fit on the product, while the narrow letters are still selectable (the letters that are still selectable are black).
    • In order to enter a distance, the blank key located in the top row before the "0" must be pressed.


      When the desired text has been entered, place the product in the shopping cart. It is recommended to double-check in the shopping cart that the desired text has been entered correctly and that the colors of the leather and metal are as desired.

      If you have any questions, we are at your disposal .

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